Congress Must Restore The Voting Rights Act

Seven years ago, the Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision removed the heart of the Voting Rights Act by striking down its “preclearance” requirements, ending federal oversight of new state and local election laws. This has been a disaster, subjecting millions of voters to discrimination and disenfranchisement. 

The Shelby County decision has led to a proliferation of barriers to voting. Since 2013, 20 states have passed laws that block access to the ballot -- such as strict voter ID laws and reduced access to voter registration -- which disproportionately affect Black and Brown voters.

We must do more to end systemic racism and ensure equal access to the ballot box. This is clearer than ever after the 2020 primaries, which were rife with long lines, barriers to registration, and continued voter purges. I am calling on my lawmakers to step up and pledge to make restoring the Voting Rights Act a top priority in the next Congress. This is a crucial step to ensuring our country lives up to its founding ideals. 

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